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Back in LA, Will and Vaughn meet

I need a job   Large    

I have an idea   Large    

Vaughn hires Will to research the indicator questions on US IQ tests,
paying him out of his discretionary fund

Meanwhile, a nice picture of Vienna

Jack and Syd show up at the hospital with the virus victim, pretending that Dad needs a kidney transplant and that Syd is providing the donation

My, you are a happy family

The "happy family" once the hospital guy's back is turned

Jack goes into surgery with his briefcase covering his kidney,
ostensibly to keep his money connections nearby

While the doctors and nurses prep Jack and Syd,

Jack releases anesthesia on the staff

Jack and Syd make their way to the secure hospital floor with viral guy

Jack downloads hospital info about the virus onto a disc

while Sydney gets a blood sample from the patient who has a brief moment when he thinks she is Irina

There is a lot of fighting and gun firing and running and exploding 
before Jack and Sydney escape on a helicopter.  On the ride back, Jack explains that
the data shows that Irina exposed these men who worked for her
 to the virus before she turned herself in.

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