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Back at SD-6

Jack, the wine glass I found in last week's episode had an antidote to Emily's poison. And BTW, if Emily is alive and the Alliance finds out, SD-6 will be classified as rogue and we'll all get rubbed out.


Sydney joins Vaughn self-storing and goes over mission

I gave Will a job   Large    

And that's one wrinkle, two, two and a half ...   Large    

In a fairly unprecedented move, Sloane appears in broad daylight,
where he sees ...   Large    

Emily ...

Puzzling Sloane

follows the Maybe Emily, who ducks into a

church where the priest saw no one

So am I crazy?

Strictly speaking, yes, but you may want to dig up Emily's body on a dark and rainy night, preferably with a metal shovel and lots of lightning

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