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Back at the CIA, Sydney at last has her little talk with Devlin about Jack's framing job

Dad did it

I know. He told me an hour ago. Oh, and go down to the doctor since you might have been exposed to a deadly virus

The doctor, who explains that Syd and Vaughn might have been exposed
to a deadly virus while blowing up the red ball thingy in Taipei

A nice shot of Syd outside the quarantine area, which looks a heck of a lot
like Irina's cell   Large    

The possible exposees

A little hug

A while later

After the commercial break, Syd sleeps

while Vaughn watches   Large    

Syd wakes up

Did you know that you talk about pie in your sleep?

Some prelimary smiles before serious moment

Serious Syd wants to tell Vaughn something   Large    
It won't work, Syd, the writers will just interrupt whatever you were about to say since they want to prolong our attempts to develop a relationship

The interruption: Sydney, you're fine.
Vaughn, you've got Sark's viral plaguey thingy ... or maybe the flu

Not Vaughn's day   Large    

And Syd never did get to say what she wanted to say

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