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Sydney and Jack are checking out the home movie of the Lazarey murder for clues

Seems like he says "Jul..." before he dies, Dad, and maybe I should tell the CIA I did it

He probably said, "Arrrrgggghhh", Sydney, and you can't tell the CIA because the NSC will bring in hurty doctors who will make bad ouchies in your brain

Speaking of ouchies, Lauren has a new assignment for Sydney, because Her Michael
said that Sydney was The Best

They get to go in a copter to a naval hosptal

to interview a thief who stole a vial of ebola virus that broke

In the more pleasant conference room at the JTF, without the presence of the unpleasant-
looking hemmorhagic viral victim,

Seems the unpleasant viral victim was part of a freelance gang of thieves, headed
by the extremely pleasant-looking Simon Walker

Seems that their viral victim told Lauren and Syd that another heist was planned by the gang, for a vial of something as yet to be indentified, which will be this episode's MacGuffin

Syd requests exposition to explain why they need this new MacGuffin

Marshall explains it all so we can understand - they want to change the ebola probably
to make it more dangerous

So Dixon summarizes - Sydney goes undercover to try to get the security job with Simon's
gang, and Vaughn and Weiss go as the team that has to sit in the dark stuffy van
that Dixon use to always be stuck in, monitoring things for Syd

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