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Back in LA

Jack says Vaughn's trying to pump him for info on Julia

Sydney says, maybe I need to tell the CIA about Lazarey and Julia

Jack says, nope, the NSC will find out and there will be those brain ouchies

Later, Marshall gives Sydney the specs on how to crack the safe
for the MacGuffin heist

In a typcial Marshall diversion, there's talk of baby names and ultrasound and such
with Carrie and Syd, until Syd gets called to Dixon's office

Sydney hears that Jack has told Dixon all about Julia and the Lazarey assassination

Dixon says, we need Syd in the field, so Vaughn, you can't blab to Lauren about
this since she's NSC and they'll pull in Syd

And so once again, Sydney take her position as a triangle vertex ...

and Vaughn moves to an adjacent vertex as he is now torn between duty to the CIA and duty to his wife to help her out in her job of investigating the Lazarey murder

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