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After the meeting, a warm cuddly for the Vaughns

and air smooches, and all is good, until Lauren tells hubby he left details out
of his last report

Vaughn knows his details and he knows that Lauren doesn't need to know detailed details

Lauren says, oh yes, I do, and so Vaughn tells all, namely the make of the gun Sark was carrying in the last episode

After details, a private jet crosses the ocean

Sydney gets the Marshall detail from Vaughn, namely a lipstick with a tracking
bug stuck to the bottom

and Sydney smiles

and Vaughn smiles, and it looks like an Alias episode the way they use to be

In Sevilla, Sydney goes to the bar to meet the pleasant-looking gang leader

while Vaughn and Weiss monitor with the latest Marshall microphone gizmo

even as the pleasant-looking Simon monitors Sydney's arrival on his monitor

and gives her a big smooch when she walks in

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