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It's a copter flying to a prison

with a bag-over-the-head prisoner

who turns out to be Sydney

Yep, it's Sydney, having another very bad day this season, this time behind prison bars

Speaking of bad days, the good ol' Joint Task Force is also having it rough with
these two winners, Lauren the Snitch and Lindsey the Sonofabitch

Dixon has to give up his job, his clearance, his codes, his office, and any other scenes in this episode

Vaughn and Weiss have to watch

Lauren the Snitch goes after Vaughn

for a charming conversation emphasizing their current level of marital bliss

You turned in Sydney for brain ouchies

Hey, like, you made me look bad on the job and like, there aren't going to be brain ouchies for Sydney 'cause the NSC won't hurt her, and like, you're gonna be in really deep doo dah if you were the one who helped Sydney to Rome

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