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Escaping from the Lauren the Snitch, Vaughn spots Jack

I wanna help Sydney

I'm not going after Sydney but if I were, meet me in three minutes in unseen parking lot X - Larger  

Meanwhile, back in jail, Sydney meets her 'neighbor'

Uncle Fester, errrr, Campbell, who has a hard-luck tale to tell

Switching scenes to the pastoral splendor of LA

photogenic Vaughn has a conversation with

equally photogenic Jack, who says they're waiting for their partner in their get-Syd-out-of-jail-and-away-from-brain-ouchies caper ...

It's Arvin Sloane, looking quite dapper in a black turtleneck and stadium-length coat

Jack says, we need a team of freelancers to spring Sydney and make it look like a Covenant job

Hey, cool, we're workin' togeher again!

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