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Back in Jack's garge-storeroom-operating-theatre, Jack wants to know
why Sloane took a bullet for him

Hey, Jack, you and Sydney are my penance, now that I've been officially labeled a good guy/philanthropist and all

Jack's not seein' himself as an albatross, and thinkin' maybe Sloane needs Jack and Sydney alive for some reason

In the JTF, Marshall discovers the codes are missing

and Vaughn looks photogenic - Larger  

Lauren interrupts, which sends Marshall running

Oh, Michael, it's sooo bad. Lindsey's a nasty man and he's gonna do brain ouchies on Sydney, and I wanna help - Larger  

So has he got a lady or a tiger?

Back at prison Lindsey says decipher the code or ...

we'll hurt Campbell

which has Sydney rattling off the code, which is a longitude and latitude

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