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Switching to slightly-embarrassed Yellow Mal as he comes across
his surfer engineer using the engine room for recreational activities

Mal suggests that he apply himself to the engine to be fixed and not to the young lady he is entertaining

Oh, sure, you betcha

The young lady with execrable taste in surfer engineers demonstrates a winning smile and an uncanny ability to fix the engine, 
thus winning for herself the job of engineer and the freedom from overly-tattooed surfers.

In Real Hue, Kaylee sits in the engine room

Kaylee explains the reality of needing a replacement part that she does not have in order to repair Serenity

Mal offers vague words of encouragement in his unsupported hope that Kaylee might be able to fashion said part

Switching to Blue Mal, staggering around with ... could it be? ... said replacement part!

Back in the Real Hued living room, Mal explains his plan

sending out two shuttles, four people each, in opposite directions

in the hopes of running into help, while Mal stays with Serentiy

Wash suggests rigging a call-back button for Mal, in case he bumps into help

Inara suggests that Mal should join her shuttle, but the captain declines and turns into...

Yellow Mal, with Yellow Inara, who has come to see
if she can rent a shuttle and be a permanent crew member

Mal sees possibilities in this arrangement

although Inara warns that she doesn't fraternize

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