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Suddenly Blue and Real Times merge as Mal once again is lying on the floor of Serenity

After his staggering around and adrenaline shooting, Mal makes his way to the engine room and replaces the part

and is able to start Serenity's engines

but unfortunately collapses before he is able to send out the return signal

Yet all is not lost, as Mal wakes up in sick bay

where Doc Simon explains his tenuous grasp on life when they found him

Mal asks for explanation of how the shuttles returned

and a now conscious Zoe explains that it was on her orders

Kaylee congratulates Mal on his engineering efforts

and the others offer greetings and slightly humorous comments about their own journeys 

Mal thanks them all and passes once again into ...

Yellow Hue, where a quick-talking used-spaceship salesmen is pitching him a line about a ship

while Mal's attention is caught by another,

the lovely buggable Serenity herself

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