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Zoe, Jayne and Book find their buyers

These marks come from a rocket that would be used to leave the planets surface so they're not on the planet right now

We are going to have an episode devoted to how a preacher knows all this, right?

Niska's space station of pain

Now in Niska's custody, 



Everyone pools their money together to try and pay off Niska
for Wash and Mal

Back to the torture room from the beginning of the episode...

You don't deserve Zoe and haven't you always wondered if anything happened between us 'cause she's hot and we might have tangoed in the horizontal?

No she didn't because then she'd have gotten you out of her system and it would be better so you should sleep with her if we get out of this torture with it's seemingly inappropriate yet hilarious banter.

Serenity's shuttle approaches Niska's station of pain

Frisked Zoe

So, which do you want to save? It is a difficult choice betwe...


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