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Zoe gets Wash back

You're not getting enough for all the money you paid me

Have Mal's ear

Wash realizes Mal was goading him on about Zoe to keep him from
breaking under Niska's torture and that the bond Mal and Zoe share
 isn't sexual - it was one he didn't understand since he'd never been
in an environment where someone else had to keep you sane and
alive and also war stories aren't that fun.

So, you ever hear of Shan Yu?

Now on Serenity, Wash is determined to bring Mal back

Zoe gives Simon the captain's ear to put on ice

As Wash and Zoe are about to leave to save the captain...

...they find out everyone is coming along...

...even Jayne and Vera!

Zoe gives the crew instructions for the rescue

Hey, you died on me! No dying in the middle of torture!

Serenity sneaks up on the Niska's space station of pain

Niska's troops at the entrance to Serenity's cargo bay

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