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Mal is waylaid by Niska's bodyguard

The gang decides to help the captain out

Very dead bodyguard


Niska got away, which bites, but Doc put my ear back on

Stop fiddling with it!

How're you doing with the whole "you're a doctor" thing working with the "killin' people" thing?

Book reassures Simon that he was there and is certain Simon didn't shoot anyone

Everyone gets back to work

Zoe cooks Wash a meal to help him recover from the fighting
and torture he wasn't used to

Hey, Wash says we need to sleep together to work out all this sexual tension

The most awkward (almost) kiss in the history of mankind

That is disturbing

That was the crazy torture talk talking and no sleeping with
my wife and we're going now!

And Jayne steals Wash's soup

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