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Grad Student Sydney moves into a new apartment, with the help of Will, who helps eat her into the new digs

and friend Francie, and Francie's boyfriend Charlie, who is not in this picture, but he's there anyway

Ah, there's Charlie

Syd works while ...

Will wants answers about the whole borrowing-sister's-passport bit from the last episode, and says he can investigate stuff because his byline at the newspaper says investigative reporter

Syd says no way, the whole passport bit was because she went a bit loopy, but she's better now and wants to forget the whole Danny story, except in the introduction to each episode where he's lying dead in the bathtub

Back at SD-6

Marshall gives a welcome back to Syd in Marshall style

and Syd says thanks

Going over the next assignment

Sloane says go to Moscow and steal some cold war nuclear files
that the Russian Mafia is selling to an African baddee

Marshall says knock the baddees out with his little knock-out gizmo

Dixon likes Marshall's gizmos

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