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See Syd dig up Ivanov's grave

See Syd find the bomb in the coffin, and see the bomb start to tick

See Syd surprised

See Marshall giving pointers on nuclear weapons disarmament to Syd

See Syd cut the right wire

See Balls of Steel lay into Syd for not calling the CIA for help instead of Marshall, since now SD-6 has sold the bomb to the Egyptian bad guy from the beginning of the episode

See Syd make some comments on her opinion of calling the CIA when Marshall is available and some promises about getting the bomb back herself

See Balls of Steel looking seriously picturesque

See Balls of Steel's asset looking seriously picturesque

Later, on a hilltop somewhere over LA

Dad, sorry I hit you the last time we talked, and did you plan this trip to Singapore for Danny?

Yes, I was being Good Dad, but I got there too late, and I'll cover for you with Sloane since you're going to Egypt to get back the nuke

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