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It's Moscow!

It's Dixon posing as a Sudanese bad guy

It's Sydney posing as a Russian maid, knocking everyone out in the real Sudanese bad guy's room so she can steal the money and give it to Dixon to buy the stolen documents

It's Syd discovering that there is no money and they have to go to Plan B

Back in LA, it's Vaughn worrying about his asset Sydney

It's Weiss, telling him to stop worrying and remember his girlfriend

It's Vaughn being, of course, quite grateful for Weiss's advice

It's Syd in a slinky blue rubber dress she had on under
the maid's outfit

It's the Russian mobsters, who are ready to sell Dixon the stolen files

It's Plan B, wherein Syd palms the floppy disks in a quick move involving a spilled drink, the blue rubber dress, and a couple of coasters

Back in LA, Syd passes the disks to

Janitorial Vaughn

who quickly gets his team to copy them

and then passes them back to Syd

Syd goes home to her engagement ring

and a nice soak

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