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Later, Syd's friends dining out

and Syd joining in

and Will asks, can we talk?

Will says he discovered that Danny was booked onto a flight to Singapore the night he died

Syd thinks very fast, and says yeah, that was a medical conference, and please let the Danny stuff go because I'm going to cry

Back at SD-6, Sloane says the files she got say that there is a
nuclear weapon in the care of a guy named Ivanov in Virginia

Go get Ivanov, says Sloane

Ya, sure, you betcha ... just gotta make one phone call

I go get Ivanov, says Syd in call to Vaughn

CIA Boss says CIA goes too, but Vaughn says no, bad for Sydney's cover, and the boss backs down

at which point Weiss enacts a new name for the agent formally known as Vaughn, now known as Balls Of Steel

In Virginia

Syd finds ...

Ivanov, whose grave just happens to have a lot of dead grass above it

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