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Sloane explains that the MacGuffins in the series will be Rambaldi artifacts, and the first MacGuffin they need to retrieve is the second half of a sequence of machine code, written on the back of a drawing that is in a case in a vault in Madrid

and Syd says OK, and I wonder if I'll run into my old adversary Ana Espinosa, and did you say that the key to the case is always around this guy's neck?

Sloane says yes, he did, as the camera switches to a scene of some guy's neck with the key on a chain,
and a hand, suitably tatooed with a Rambaldi eye, that is in the process of stealing the key

Meanwhile, Syd gets a call while Danny picks up the other phone and gets his first
ever "Joey's Pizza" call, Syd's signal to meet with her handler

So off Syd trots to meet with

Hey, I"m your former handler Vaughn - seems they want to replace me with an older dude

and Syd's all, major bummer

Back at the CIA, Vaughn's all major bummed out

and Weiss says Vaughn's getting too involved

He might be too involved, but he's easy on the eyes

as opposed to Lambert, Syd's new handler, who is not easy on the eyes, or ears

Ah, stock footage of Madrid

and a party at the Rambaldi document owner's estate

and a familiar face at the party

Ana Espinosa gives Syd a wink

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