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Seems that they got the case but they need the key, cause the case is rigged to destroy
whatever is inside it if opened without the key. Seems Ana's organization, K-Directorate,
has the key. So Sloane called in their best game theorist Jack

who says it's too difficult for Syd to get the key out of the K-Directorate's office, so they have arranged that Syd and Ana will meet in the middle of a stadium in Berlin, Syd with case and Ana with key, and they'll open the case together

Uh, yeah, sure, you betcha?

Syd meets her handler Lambert to get her countermission

which Lambert says is to plant a bug on Ana

which Syd says is super dopey and no way, and I'm only talking to Vaughn from now on so you'd better promote him

Back at the paper, Will shows his boss the Dead Danny crime map, and the fact
that all of the traffic cameras in an area surrounding the scene were conveniently not
working on the night of the Dead Danny's Death

Can I, huh, can I do the story?

One week, or the end of the season, whichever comes first

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