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It's nighttime stock footage of Berlin

and it's Syd prepping in the van

and listening to Francie complain that she thinks Francie's boyfriend Charlie is fooling around

It's a lot of guys with high-powered laser-sighted rifles in a stadium, who could
probably shoot that cell phone out of Syd's hand if these conversations with her
friends happen too often

It's Syd coming into the stadium

and being tracked by satellite camera

by guess who, who thanks Syd for his promotion

and Syd calls him "My guardian angel" - can we have a big "aawwwwww"

It's Syd checking in with the SD-6 crew

It's Dixon checking in with Syd

It's Jack and Sloane watching a computer screen that probably has
something to do with the Berlin scene

And to set up some scenarios later in the season, Sloane asks Jack if he told Sydney about her mom

and Jack says, no, not this episode

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