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Will does a favor for Syd and cleans out some things from Dead Danny's apartment,
and realizes that there are extensive traffic cameras outside the apartment

which gets Will to thinking about Syd, so he calls her and asks her to dinner

and Syd says yes

Later in a conveniently parked van, Syd meets with her new handler Lambert

who calls her his girl and is sickeningly smarmy

and Syd is disgusted and says don't call again unless you have an assignment

At Syd's house, it's poker with Francie and Charlie after dinner,

and then, some more drinks and ice cream and

a weird kiss

Weirded-out Syd

Weirded-out Will, who must be pondering his future on the series as a possible love interest for Syd

At work the next day, Syd gets a surprise from Sloane,

namely Dad Jack, whom Sloane called in to work on their Rambaldi document problem

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