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Once again, Sydney calls Vaughn for some support

Syd's now convinced that Calder was chasing her dad because her dad was spying for the KGB, and so the car crash that killed her mom was indirectly caused by her dad

Vaughn says, well maybe, maybe not - keep quiet till I can check on your dad's status at the CIA

Meanwhile, for the first time since seeing him with another woman, Francie meets
with Charlie

Charlie's got quite a story - seems he doesn't really want to be a lawyer. He'd rather be a singer and the woman Francie saw is his piano player, and he's got his first gig on Friday

Francie didn't see this one comin'

Now Will is busy tracking the license plate from the fake Kate Jone's car, and gets
a name - Eloise Kurtz -and an address

Back at SD-6, there's a new op

Sloane explains they are after an encoder machine used by the FTL, this week's anagramatical bad guy group. One of the machines is in a safe at a London art Gallery   

They need the encoder to decode a series of smiley face birthday cards they've been finding at FTL sites

Turns out they also need the services of Jack full-time to help plan SD-6 missions

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