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Back in Bucharest, Sydney approaches


while the head doctor says the consulate referral the doc claimed was the reason for
him putting his patient in this hospital didn't check out

Things aren't looking too good for the nice good looking fake doctor

Back at the cafeteria, Shepard seems to recognize Sydney

Syd says no, and starts to recite the triggering poem


which gets her nearly strangled

and another demand from Shepard of who she is

before the orderlies stop it, pulling Syd away and calling her Miss Bristow

Back in LA, Weiss gets some bad news - seems that the hospital in Bucharest is
a K-Directorate hospital, which means Syd's in deep doo-dah

which Syd figures out for herself as she fights off the guards ...

and discovers her nice fake doc with a slit throat

and realizing that it's the end of the episode, so she's stuck there for at least
another week

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