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Marshall explains that the encoder works by taking a DNA sample and creating a code based on the DNA

Sloane explains they need the guys's DNA used to encode those smiley face cards, but unfortunately the guy is dead and they don't know where he's buried

Seems he was assassinated by one Martin Shepard

Jack says Shepard was programmed to go in and come out of assassin mode when he hears a certain poem, and when he's out, he can't remember what he did under the poetic influence

Seems Shepard's checked himself in to a hospital in Bucharest and Sydney's suppose to go in as a patient and try to find out where Shepard buried the DNA guy

and this attractive agent named Fisher will play Syd's doctor

Afterwards, Jack tries to give Sydney her countermission but she tells him to go to

Jack's not happy with that, says she'd better realize lives are at stake, and Syd's all,
yeah, you traitor, you, and I want to know the truth about Mom's death

Jack says Syd doesn't have the clearance to hear the details

which gets Syd saying to hell with the rules and Jack saying look what happened the last time she said to hell with the rules - no warm fuzzies from the spy family vibes here

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