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Afterwards, Jack tries to tell Syd he's sorry about the exploded CIA agents

Syd's not very receptive, and tells him she knows he's a KGB spy and that he indirectly killed her mom

Poor ol' Jack - give the guy some Prozac ... or maybe a prison sentence ... depending

Moving from the self storage to the driving range, Vaughn meets with Syd and
reports that Jack's not bad

Syd's not buying it and admits she told it all to Dad Jack's face, and that Vaughn would understand better if he knew about losing a parent to the spy game

So Vaughn takes a moment to push Syd off her high horse and explain that his own dad, a CIA agent, died on the job when Vaughn was 8

Syd, now off her high horse and feelin' sort of embarrassed

In another area of town, Danny tracks down Eloise Kurtz, aka Kate Jones, and asks to talk

but ends up with pepper spray in the eyes

On to the op, it's London

and Sydney and Dixon at the art Gallery    with the hidden MacGuffin

Dixon creates a smoky diversion

while Sydney sneaks into the office

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