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Then's it's off to the copter

and a friendly good bye

and see you later

Back in self-storange, Sydney's all about how cool her dad is, that he's really a pro
and impressive

Vaughn says yeah, but he's probably also a KGB agent, and hands Syd the de-
ciphered codes from those books Syd found among her mother's stuff

Seems the codes were a bunch of aliases for a dozen CIA agents, all murdered 25 years ago

and Vaughn's ready to blow the whistle on Jack

Back at SD-6, bandaged Jack gets a thanks from Sloane for killing Hassan

For the ops briefing, this time it's Hassan's second in command they are going after,
and the MacGuffin is an unknown package that they've intercepted messages about

Sloane says, Syd and Dixon, to Greece with you, to break into this guy's nightclub and steal the package specs

Marshall says, to Greece with these nifty retinal scanning glasses you go, to copy the baddie's retinal scan, make some contact lenses and open the retinal scan lock to his office

Meanwhile at the LA safehouse

It's Vaughn and Hassan in a stalemate

Hassan wants his wife and son in US witness protection and then he'll spill the beans

Vaughn wants those beans right away, with no deals

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