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Dixon, and the retinal-scan-fooling contacts, get past the lock

and into the bad guy's office to download the specs they need

while Syd gets into a bit of a tussle with the slimey bad guy before

Dixon comes to the rescue and they escape

Back in LA, there's still no beans for Vaughn

who's ready to ship out Hassan if he doesn't cooperate

Suddenly Hassan says, hey, wait, uh, I'll cooperate, and I've got this stockpile of weapons on Crete

Later, it's the blood mobile

Syd's upset that she didn't get the contacts herself and get the real specs for the CIA, so she wants to go to Crete, and have her dad give Sloane info on Crete so it can be made to look like an SD-6 mission

Vaughn's OK with that, but not OK with what he did earlier and ...

gives Syd the tape he made of her making murdering-dad comments

and the file he held back of the thirteenth murder victim, namely his own father

Vaughn says, you willing to report your dad now?

and Syd gives a kind of sad little nod

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