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At SD-6, Jack thanks Syd for her help in Cuba

and says, uh, about this dad talk stuff, uh ...

Syd's all, it's OK

Later with Vaughn, Syd gets her countermission and the files of the 12 CIA agents
most likely killed by her dad

along with comments like, think of the families of the murder victims

It's not easy being Syd at the moment, wondering how her dad really was involved with the killings, and knowing she needs his help to take down SD-6

It's not easy admitting, yeah, you're probably right, my dad probably is a mass murderer, but hey, give me some time

Seems what Sydney also gave Vaughn some Jack-damning comments that he has
secretly just recorded on his secret tape recorder

It's Athens

and Sydney in disguise in the baddie's nightclub

and Dixon taking over the security monitoring station

and the slimey bad guy whose retina they need to scan

which Syd does with the help of some vamping and those glasses
and which Dixon picks up on the contact lens maker

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