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Monitoring Vaughn pulls his gun and points it at Hassan, saying, what did you do, you baddie?

Hassan says, hey, just gave her a booby-trap code, and if you want to un-booby-trap her, you'd better get me a signed paper that says you'll protect my wife and son

So Vaughn bustles up lots of stairs

and into his boss' office, saying he needs his John Hancock on a protection order for Hassan's family or else Syd's a goner

Boss says, uh, yeah, sure, you betcha

Weiss types as fast as he can

and Devlin signs as fast as he can

and Syd gets the deactivation code to disarm the system

but also gets caught by a returning bad guy

who manages to stick a knife into the key pad and start a spak

and a subsequent explosion, which Syd barely escapes

Later, back in LA, Syd and Vaughn do their meeting-in-passing bit

Vaughn gives Syd the directions for their meeting with Devlin to rat out Jack

Doesn't Sydney look pretty there?

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