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Sydney forces an impromptu roadside meeting with her new office colleague, Sark

Syd explains the consequences to Sark's health of Sark revealing secrets at the office

Sark affably understands Syd's meaning

Syd self-stores with Dad and tells about the Sark encounter

You'd better find out if Mom told Sark we're double agents

Back at SD-6, Sark joins the usual mission conference

Sark explains how honored he feels to be part of such a group

Dixon is not feeling honored and wants Sark out ...

while Marshall wants Sark not to kill him

and Sloane spins a tale of how careful they will be as they utilize
the knowledge from their best new friend, Mr. Sark. Like retrieving some codes
from Uzbekhistan that Sark says are very important to world peace.

Back at Irina's CIA cell, Syd visits

So, does Sark know I'm a double agent, and what do you know about these Uzbekhistani codes we're going after?

I didn't tell Sark that you're a double agent, and I want to leave my cell for 48 hours but I won't tell you why except the world will end if I don't

Yeah, right, and I'm a ...

You'll be toast if you don't listen to me

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