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Undercover Sydney disguised as a corpse

gets wheeled into a morgue

while being monitored by Dixon and oily Sark friend

Syd finds the corpse in question

and the digits in question, so that she can use the bright blinky spy thingy to record the guy's fingerprint

But wait, the ever-alert guard discovers that Syd's body is missing from the morgue

which creates a brief scuffle that Syd easily escapes from

Back in LA, at the Film Noir underground garage

Philip Marlowe ... er ... Will Tippin brings Vaughn up to date on his Project Christmas investigation

That's great, Will, but my boss Devlin thinks you are a security risk, so I have to fire you

Later, at the Syd/Francie/Will house

Syd confesses that she now has to work with Sark

That is sooo not right

Francie interrupts briefly for her one scene in the episode, indicating that her restaurant
is doing well enough for her to be able to go to spas once a week for

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