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Later, in the nicely-furnished task force rotunda,
Syd fills the others in on the latest info from Mom

Mom wants to get away for 48 hours to save our butts,
but she won't tell us why

Kendall would like to be told why she needs to get away

and Jack acts all wishy-washy to ensure that Kendall will say no to the Irina holiday

while Vaughn photogenically reminds them that Irina is usually right

and Syd looks wistfully at Vaughn

Later, back at SD-6,

Sark makes a crack about how gullible the SD-6 people are to believe they are actually working for the CIA

Sloane doesn't like the crack at all, and also doesn't like the call from someone claiming to have a live Emily, ready to be ransomed.

Fairly non-descript picture of Uzbekhistan

Sark's Russian contact has the briefcase full of these secret codes,
but explains they have to do a Sloane maneuver to get
the dead guy's fingerprint to open the briefcase.

Syd knows this means first undercover mission of the episode for her

Dixon knows this means that Sark's friends are just as oily and creepy as Sark

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