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Self-storing Vaughn and Syd briefly discuss Will, and then Vaughn tells Syd a story
that he got a watch from his dad, who told him that he could set his heart by this watch,
and that the watch stopped the day he met Syd 



After returning to the episode from the watch scene,
Syd and Vaughn learn the truth about the Uzbhekistani codes

They are detonation codes for stolen nuclear warheads that some group in Kashmir has

and so we are in deep doo-dah

Syd points out that that was just what Mom had said would happen

And so Irina gets some visitors

You didn't help us

Yes I did, but you didn't listen

Syd is listening, comes up with a plan,
and asks everyone to leave her alone with Mom

Mom, you said you didn't tell us about the codes before so that the CIA wouldn't do their hand-off-of-fake-codes-to-SD-6 thing which would show Sark I was a double agent. So if you want to save my life again, you'd better help since I'm going after the nukes


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