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It's Lex Luthor's domain ... er ... um ... looks like Chase again

Ooo, that hearing was a big fake, a means for Syd to leave the regular CIA and join this new black ops unit she had been chosen for, which Syd is excited about


Chase says, hey, sure, but there's one thing I forgot to mention about this gig

and so Syd meets her fellow black ops workers:

There's Dixon, smiling and looking happier than he has in a season and a half

And there's Jack, looking snarky as ever, and a little defensive too

and good ol' Vaughn, who must have had his razor burn in his house fire, but at least
not attached to the late boat anchor known as Lauren


And Yikes! It's a smiling Sloane! Chase says, yep, Sloane hand-picked you all for
this black ops unit

Sydney gets a private aside with Chase, and says, how the heck can Sloane be in charge because he's been the bad guy for the last three seasons

Chase says, yeah, but enemy of my enemy stuff, and you guys can keep an eye on him just in case. Hey, we need Sloane enigmatically in charge of this covert branch, you suspicious of him, untrusting of your dad, sighing after Vaughn, and relying on your partner Dixon - we need to go back to Season One after the year that sucked, as Vaughn so aptly put it

So Sydney reluctantly joins the group, their first day on the job in this spanking new
black ops CIA unit called "APO" - for "Authorized Personnel Only"

Sloane gives his big guy speech, about how he was surprised too that he was chosen
to lead this op, but seems like the CIA wanted a real SD-6. Seems they want them
to work within US laws but not with CIA beaurocracy, so it's just like old times.
Except, of course, for the better lighting and the fact that they will really be good guys

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