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It's Sydney Bristow pocketa pocketa strutting in lingerie pocketa pocketa in a cabin
pocketa pocketa. The lingerie isn't red or black, and there's the pocketa pocketa, so
it's a new episode, right?

Sure it is, 'cause this time there's no slimeball, but instead there's this nerdy guy

whom she asks for dressing advice in a nice Swedish accent and wig

and says, come on, show me what you're hiding in your metal vase, you smart man, you

which has him acting all stupid and saying, yeah, sure, ya betcha

It's his vial of a nice unstable isotope

that Sydney steals by knocking out the nerdy guy

and grabbing the vile vial

and running down the impossibly wide train corridor

straight into the baggage car where a baddie catches up with her, fights her, and pushes her out of the car, damgling over a very high trestle

while clinging to this nice yellow cord, which he starts to cut as ...

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