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Getting down to business, in front of their new plasma monitor, Sloane sets up the
caper - retrieve a vial of unstable isotope from a rogue Russian physicist who wants
to sell it to unknown bad guys on a train in Belarus

Sydney is suppose to get the physicist to open his explosive-rigged case and steal the vial from him


while Vaughn pretends to be the physicist to sell a fake vial with a tracer chemical to the bad guy buyer, so they can ID the buyer

and Jack is suppose to look enigmatic

Now Syd is pretty cynical about the idea of Sloane being the good guy

and brings it up to Dixon

who says, yeah, me too, but we can keep an eye on him if we're involved

Now Sloane pops up behind them and says, hey, guys, give me a break and just
give me a chance to be a good guy

They're not committin' to anything, but ...

Syd's happy to be back with Dixon as her partner again

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