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Syd's also back at home - she obviously decided not to burn down her Season 3
house, unlike ...

Michael Vaughn, who drops by to say hi

Sydney says hi, but maybe we should just shake hands - Season Three detritus, you know

And so they are off on their first assignment, saving the world from an unstable isotope
on this train in Belarus

And it's back to the episode beginning, as Sydney barges into the physicist's
unbelievably huge train compartment

looking all confused in a Swedish disguise

and showing off her ticket

which confuses the scientist in a bemused kind of way

Meantime, Vaughn is in physicist make-up of glasses, suit and tie, and goes to the
dining car to meet the buyer of the isotope

identified by a prominently-placed green pen

Seems this guy wants the isotope for someone named Mr. Vadik

and asks Vaughn for a glimpse a the product

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