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At the APO, Sloane outlines the next caper - to find a stolen Valta computer that can hack
into satellite data, and the new bad guys are a German group called Badenliga. Seems they paid
the thief by putting money in a numbered account in the Bahamas, and their first caper got them
the name of the account owner and thief, Martin Bishop

Syd also gets thanks from Sloane for letting Nadia move in with
her, which ticks off Syd because she doesn't like to do anything
to please Sloane

Now Jack stops Syd - he's assigned to give Nadia her psych
evaluation, and he wants to know when Syd's going to spill
the beans to Nadia re Irina's executioner

Syd says after she gets back, and walks away

while Nadia observes the chilly atmostphere between Dad Jack
and Daughter Sydney

which Sloane confirms with 'Jack's a cold fish' comment, and want
to catch a bite?

Now the gang plans their caper to locate the computer by hacking
into Bishop's computers, which are probably in his house in Spain

Marshall's got the tech

Dixon's got the question on how to break in

and Syd's got the suggestion that she be invited in

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