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Shooting the driver ends up with Bishop stopping short, which throws Syd off the car

into a position for an easy kill

except that someone plugs Bishop first

It's a very enthusiastically shooting Nadia, going for overkill here

which has Syd asking, why the enthusiasm?

and which has Nadia responding, because Bishop killed our mutual mother

and which has Sydney looking at a slightly smug Jack standing there next to Nadia

Back in LA

Sydney asks Jack, why does Nadia think Bishop killed Mom, and Jack says, because I added that to Bishop's file and gave it to Nadia to read, to give her closure, to solve two problems at once

and to give us the title for this episode, since "sometimes a satisfying lie can do more good than the awful truth"

Not mentioning the axion of the series, that any truth is never revealed totally in the
Aliasverse, Syd leaves Dad and joins her friends

and Jack looks on from outside, once again, but better lit than he usually was in
Season One

And so what is going to happen this year at Thanksgiving? Will Jack be invited or will he be relegated to leftovers once more?

What's the chance of getting info about the dragon and Spike once the ex-Angel writers start kicking in with episodes?

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