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Now Vaughn says, Syd, we got it, and you need to get out before you get it. Got it?

Syd's got it, and heads out

but Bishop has returned

so she's kind of stuck

Now Nadia is still getting it in the psych evaluation

and says, hey, this is really really long, got it?

and Jack's all, yep, got you

But then Jack is interrupted by a phone call, says, got it, and tells Nadia they're done

Sloane fills Jack in on plan to raid for the Valta, that Bishop still has got Syd in his
, and Jack says, gotcha, but I want to go to Malaga, with Nadia, to help get
Syd if needed

Sloane says, OK, and got that evaluation done?

Jack says, yep, got it, got the info I needed, catch ya later after the Syd escape

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