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Meanwhile, in a plane somewhere between LA and Spain

Nadia wants to know if she failed the test

Jack says, you passed with flying colors, and by the way, take
a look at this folder

which she does and which upsets her

Back in an undisclosed location in Spain, Sydney revives and sees

Weiss in a chair across from her, eyeing their captor

Bishop, who says he's screwed since they blew up his Valta, which means
that the Badenliga will get him good, unless he's got something to give to them
that's as good as a Valta

So give me something, he demands

and gets a smart answer back from Syd

and gives a good punch to Syd, which has Weiss yelling

which earns Weiss a near miss

and a threat for future accuracy

until Bishop gets a call and leaves the room

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