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Back in LA

Sydney arrives home to discover ...

Nadia having a cozy with her dad Arvin Sloane

Sydney's all, report's on your desk and get out now

which Sloane does, and rather graciously

Now Nadia is sorry about upsetting Syd, but hey, isn't Syd kind of over Sloanophobia because she's working at APO with him?

Syd says, she'll never get over Sloanophobia, and the Sloane cooties in her own home are too much

Next day at APO

there is a demo and explanation about how great a MacGuffin black thorine is, an
explosive with gagunta power and no smell, and the Russians must have lost it
cause boy, are Sloane's sources upset

Syd's smelling a rat, though, as she asks who are the sources

Sloane says, good question, but not answering

and the bad guy of the week is this fellow, Tambor, a Russian oil magnate who's out to
sell the black thorine

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