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While all of this is going on on deck, Nadia's below deck trying to

knock out some of the goons

with some quick moves

and steal vials of the MacGuffin, all safely stowed in these nice cases

At this point Sloane gets quite graphic in a Titus Andronicus kind of way

which Syd relates in her best most convincing never-over-Sloanophobia kind of voice

to Orissa, Leo, who says, uh, OK, Sloane's in and the thorine factory is in the Ukraine

Just so we don't forget they're in this ep, Vaughn and

Dixon look like their listening to all this

Now the ex-girlfriend was also listening, isn't too happy with Orissa, Leo's big mouth
and shoots him dead

which lands her in this big fight with Sydney

who gets some help from Nadia

just before Syd shoots the purple girlfriend dead

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