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Back at the APO, Sloane is not a happy boss with the two gals who disobeyed him

Nadia says, hey, it worked, but sorry, we should have listened to you

while Syd is not so conciliatory

Syd says it creeps her out to hear Sloane all the time, at work, in her ear, and he's the same Sloane who killed Francie and Danny

Sloane is all, but I thought you got over Macho Grande

Setting aside character development, it's down to planning the next caper, this time
to stop Tambor from selling the thorine, scheduled on his stolen PDA info for tomorrow
on his yacht in the Black Sea

And once again, it's Sydney

and Nadia assigned to the caper, since they are the best divers and since this is the sisters episode

and once again, Vaughn and Dixon get to listen

Marshall's got the tech, a special PDA thingee that will be able to read the combination of the safe that is electronically displayed on some card Tambor has

with the use of this gadget that kind of sees through clothes and reads electronic numbers off of cards hinden on the persons of baddies

After the groups heads out, Sloane has a chat with Jack, about how those gals
should have been reprimanded and stuff for disobeying orders

and Jack says, hey, you want bonding with Nadia, you let her work with her sis

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