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Vaughn and Weiss do the comic relief

while Nadia and Syd do the action sequences, like planning to invade the suite with the guy there, since he's sat down to watch a soccer game and ain't movin'

and Sloane does the, hey, you can't do that, girls, too dangerous and out of scope of
the work order

Syd and Nadia do it anyway, and head to the bar to find

this gal, Tambor's gal friend, ID'ed by the perfume she wears, a bottle of which they spotted on their surveillance pics

It's girl talk, about nasty boyfriends and ...

having a few and heading up to the suite for the girlfriend to change

while Syd and Nadia do a number on Tambor's PDA, lifting it and then passing it over

so Syd can copy it, as well as the hard drive on this conveniently-located laptop

Now Tambor notices his PDA is missing at one point, and does some finger pointing

but Nadia says, hey, guy, you're the one who dropped it, and I never ...

and Syd does yeah, well, I never ....

before the sisters make their escape

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