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So Syd does what she is told - she runs to the APO with the news that Anna knew
they were going to snatch her in Brussels, has snatched Nadia, and will kill her if
Syd doesn't do what she wants

Now this is kind of a rough time for poor ol' Uncle Arvin, whose on the outside and can't talk to anyone

epecially when he sees a lot of bustling anyones

All the bustling is because Jack is hustling the team to Brussels with new orders

Syd, on Anna's orders, will pose as Anna and meet a guy named Sabine who is
going to give her something that she needs to give Anna in LA in exchange
for a live Nadia

And here is this charming stock photo of what they tell us is Brussels

Syd goes to the park as 'Anna' and meets

Sabine, who says he'll give her the as-yet-to-be-explained MacGuffin after 'Anna' does something for him ...

kill this guy, one Willem Karg, currently in a nearby hotel bar, and bring him a pic
of the dead body and the guy's right index finger

Syd runs to the always-present surveillance van and gets more info on Karg

from Marshall via some mighty fast uplinks

and discovers this guy likes hookers, so she does a number on her dress and

turns herself into a backup guitar strummer for Robert Palmer

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