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Syd pops into Jack's office with the latest satellite intel - Anna is suppose to meet
with a guy from a chemical factory in Estonia, probably to buy some VX gas to go
with the Danté putty

So, can Nadia and I go and stop her, huh, Dad, huh?

Lookee, no touchee, says Jack

Now the rest of the team is waiting for a signal - seems Sark was injected with a
tracking device so he can lead them to CRF headquarters

Before Syd leaves, Sloane is all worried about the mission and that destiny stuff again

Syd says, oh, yeah, and so what do you really believe is going to happen?

Seems Sloane believes that if Nadia and Sydney both go on this mission together, only one of them is coming back, and he seems kind of choked up about it

Later that night, after ordering out

Jack goes native, loosens the knot on his tie, and pesters Marshall for the tracking info

and of course, finally, Marshall comes through

Seems Sark is in Johannesburg, South Africa, which is where the team will go

Now Jack updates Sloane - Syd and Nadia are in Estonia, and Dixon and the rest are in South Africa to raid CRF headquarters

and Sloane says nothing

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