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There is a brief discussion of Anna's bad guy credentials, and her Rambaldi fervor
which got her the familiar Rambaldi hand tattoo

which seems to trigger some bad vibes in Nadia

who makes a hasty exit from the slide show

The mission is for the team to go to Brussels where Anna's surveillance says she
is suppose to be, watch and, if possible, snatch her

After the meeting, Syd and Weiss look in on

Nadia, who says she's feeling a bit wonky

So Syd takes Nadia out to lunch to chase away the wonkiness and to trade

For Syd, it's remembrances of that time in the Berlin stadium with Anna from Season One when she had to work with Anna

For Nadia, it's remembrances of that time she got injected with the Rambaldi goo in Season Three. Seems she had a vision of she and Syd holding guns on each other in a scared kind of way, and then shooting her sister, who reacts in a shot but not surprised kind of way

Before Syd can mention some of those Rambaldi prophesies, there's a phone call
for her at the main desk

from Anna Espinosa herself, who seems to have a drop on Nadia,

as well as six sniper rifles with laser sites trained on Sydney in case she doesn't
do what she is told

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