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Nadia kicks and punches with the best of them, and uses her belt

to somehow trap this guy's hands after he stabs himself in the chest

Nadia wants a deathbed confession, what the CRF is planning with the big chemical
bomb, and gets some whispered words we don't get to hear

Meanwhile, Anna runs

and Sydney chases

and we get this shot of this surveillance camera for some odd reason

A bit later, Syd sees a shadow, thinks it's Anna

but it's Nadia

Now the sis' are freaked that they almost shot each other

just as Nadia is shot from behind

and falls to the floor

and Anna runs out

Syd is all, hang in there, sis

but Nadia isn't looking so good

Can it be? Has 'Alias' gone back to its roots? Will we get more cliffhangers, continuing mysteries, and Rambaldi?
What is that circle thingy in the center of the Mark of Rambaldi?

Who squealed to Anna in the first place that they were going to snatch her in Brussels?

What's really up with Arvin and Jack? And who else presumed dead might still be alive?

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